Joey Derus All Looped Up, the one-man band

With no prerecorded music or sequenced parts on stage, the sound structure of this solo performance can be compared to the sound produced by a full band. All music and vocals are performed live in real-time. Some musical parts and vocals are directed to a loop effect which creates a continuous playback. To complete a full band sound, soloing on guitar, trumpet or harmonica, and vocals are added to the loop effect.

Joey’s solo performance ranges from songs that only use acoustic guitar and vocals to songs with multiple tracks of percussion, bass, guitar and vocals.

Joey’s music is created for you right before your very ears!

A two man version of this show is also available. Joey works with a drummer/percussionist to give you a “looped” show with even more to see and hear. By adding a drummer/percussionist the full band sound becomes bigger and better.